• Tourism

    Ease Vacation Rentals Process With Click of a Button

    Monday, 14th August 2017

    Entrepreneurs with a dream to modernize the booking process for vacation rentals are working to maximize the potential of real estate wealth at premier holiday destinations, including in the foremost the North Coast. Invest-Gate speaks to the founders of Agaztak and Elsa7el.com, highlighting how such tools are altering the opportunities for vacation homeowners and rental consumers alike

  • Financial

    Construction Costs to Further Escalate On Fuel Price Hikes

    Monday, 14th August 2017

    Egypt’s construction costs are to see a further increase after the government hiked fuel prices by up to 50% in order to help meet the terms of a USD 12 bn IMF loan deal, real estate developers and contractors anticipate. Invest-Gate explores the effects of the government’s recent decision to increase fuel prices on Egypt’s real estate market

  • Interviews

    Maxim Developments Seen Offering High-End, Exclusive Residential Projects

    Sunday, 6th August 2017

    Maxim Developments Vice President Amr Mohsen is a visionary seeking to offer an upscale lifestyle at attractive packages to his clients.Invest-Gate sits down with Mohsen to discuss Maxim's projects, the outlook for Egypt's tourist destinations, and Maxim's historical growth in clientele following the float of the local currency.

  • Interviews

    Dorra Developments Once Again Breaks Through With ‘The Courtyard’

    Monday, 31st July 2017

    Dorra Developments once again break through the Commercial Property Market with prime office space at their newest office complex ‘The
    Courtyard’ and modernizes the Sheikh Zayed retail market with its dominating tenant mix at ‘Capital Business Park’

  • Investment, Tourism

    New El- Alamein City Turns Heads As Egypt’s New Riviera

    Tuesday, 18th July 2017

    On the north-western coast of Egypt near the Marsa Matrouh governorate, workers are racing against time to complete the first phase of a new multi-million-dollar eco-city under development to become Egypt’s “new Riviera”. Invest-Gate pays this promising destination a visit

  • Residential, Tourism

    SwanLake North Coast: Where Summer Memories Are Waiting to Happen

    Wednesday, 12th July 2017

    Picture the breathtaking luxury of the Far East a few hours away from home, an exclusive community where your family will unwind in the privacy of like-minded neighbors and friends. This is the promise of SwanLake North Coast, a luxurious new beach destination in Egypt to rival any world-class resort.

  • Investment, Overview

    North Coast Continuously Achieves Remarkable Commercial Growth

    Wednesday, 12th July 2017

    While the North Coast attracts heavy volumes of Egyptian clientele every summer, particularly with the ongoing growth in commercial activities, a lot of these types of projects might not be attractive to foreign tourists. Invest-Gate explores the transformation of commercial activities in the North Coast and reveals the recent market trends based on expert opinion

  • Interviews

    TDF Architects Sees EGP Devaluation Beneficial to the Architecture Industry in Egypt

    Monday, 10th July 2017

    Aiming to explore the current status and future of the design and architecture industry in Egypt, Invest-Gate meets up with TDF Architects CEO and Founder Hala Saleh, who introduced an ‘Eco-Friendly Interior Design’ concept to architecture in Egypt. In an in-depth discussion with the interior designer and architect, Saleh highlights the EGP floatation effect on the business and also shares the latest trends and designs. By Julian Nabil

  • Overview

    Future Projects Across Egypt’s North Coast Hopeful to Boost Tourism

    Monday, 10th July 2017

    Although the hospitality and tourism sectors across Egypt’s North Coast are seen at low rates, given the limited amount of hotels and tourism activities, experts believe that there are a host of new major projects in the pipeline expected to increase the region’s hotel supply and cater to tourists’ needs. Invest-Gate explores the hospitality and tourism sectors in the North Coast.

  • Financial, Investment

    Real Estate Funds To Uplift Egypt’s Property Market

    Sunday, 2nd July 2017

    Real estate experts believe that the launch of real estate investment funds in Egypt will encourage more individuals and developers to invest in Egypt’s property market, especially amid rising prices of residential units and the declining funding capacity of the banks. Invest-Gate explores the existing real estate investment funds in Egypt and their impact on the market.