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  • La Hacienda, A Modern Dip in the Red Sea

    La Hacienda, A Modern Dip in the Red Sea

    Sunday, 10th December 2017

    An all- year- round- retreat to many local and international visitors, La Hacienda Ras Sudr has been on the mark, attracting all attention to its unique location and natural beauty blended with modernity. Invest-Gate sits with Bahrawi Investment Co. CEO Dr. Samir Bahrawi to share his views on the investment climate in the country, today, and the future of Ras Sudr as Egypt’s, nowadays, popular destination on the rise. Invest-Gate, then, takes its readers on a tour at La Hacienda Ras Sudr with its very own Bahrawi Investment Co. General Manager Sarah Youssef to explore more on the booming destination and what it has to offer.

  • Egypt’s Dynamite Growth Areas in 2017
    Residential Overview

    Egypt’s Dynamite Growth Areas in 2017

    Sunday, 10th December 2017

    Egypt is generally witnessing increased investments in the real estate sector for it being a safe haven against continuous inflationary pressures, yet some geographical areas experienced growth and demand more than others

  • SODIC To Land in Abu Dhabi with Nile Property Expo

    SODIC To Land in Abu Dhabi with Nile Property Expo

    Monday, 4th December 2017

    Joining the Nile Property Expo’s worldwide tour taking off this month in Abu Dhabi, Egyptian property developer giant, Sixth October Development and Investment Company “SODIC” is to present its latest projects to the GCC market, following the high
    demand received from Egyptian expats and Arabs alike. SODIC Managing Director Magued Sherif shares his insight on the Egyptian real estate market, tackling opportunities and challenges. SODIC has gained unbeatable recognition in Egypt and the Middle East, presenting modern thinking when it comes to the Egyptian home buying and living culture.