The Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities announced the completion of 100 social housing buildings in New Aswan, while 101 others are set to be completed, reported Invest Gate.

This comes amid ongoing construction of projects in different fields in New Aswan, including potable water, sanitation, agriculture, housing, electricity, roads, and services.

The electricity network in New Aswan has been completed, as well as the electrical work on the social housing area of the city. Construction of the electrical power station is currently underway, as well as the electrical networking for 107 buildings in the second phase of the social housing project.

Further, a water station has been completed with a capacity of 25,000 cubic meters per day, and the sewage system has come into operation. Additionally, the water, agriculture, and sewage networks have been completed in the first phase of the housing project, including 94 buildings, while work is underway for the second phase of the project.

Moreover, construction is ongoing for the road network for the second phase of the project, according to Kamal Fahmy, Deputy Chairman of the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) for the development of cities.

He further noted that the development of the west entrance to the city is underway, which would lead to the Cairo-Aswan Desert Road. This includes agricultural, and two gates with a total value of EGP 60 million.

Additionally, the telephone network for the ‘Ebny Beitak’ project has been completed and is being handed over, as well as the telephone network for the first phase of the social housing project.  The main telephone networks for the 147 units of tourism housing, as well as for the second phase of the social housing project, are currently underway.

As for agricultural work, the irrigation networks to the city’s squares and central areas is operational, and has been directly linked to turbid Nile water. Five agricultural operations were completed for a total of EGP 4.42 million, and the irrigation network for the first phase of the social housing project has been completed. The irrigation network for the second phase is currently underway, and agricultural projects are set to be offered in that area.

Further, a police station and a fire station have been completed, and the buildings are being fitted with furniture before being handed over to the security directorate. Further, an ambulance unit was completed, which will also be used as a regional training center serving Upper Egypt. Two urban medical centers were handed over to Aswan University, and three commercial and administrative centers have been established, as well as three nurseries. Three schools for basic education have been completed, as well as a high school.

Further, two nurseries are currently being constructed, as well as a public garden in the first phase of the middle-income housing area, a hospital with 158 beds, a fire station in the second district, and a complex for Azharite institutions.