Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities Mostafa Madbouly met with officials from the National Authority for Potable Water and Sewage and the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW) to resolve water issues through 11 new projects that will be established in North Sinai, reported Al Shorouk News.

The total cost of the projects in the governorate is EGP 875 million, including two projects in Al Arish that cost EGP 590 million. One project is a sanitation station worth EGP 440 million with a 40,000 cubic meter capacity. The second is a water network worth EGP 150 million.

Further, EGP 32 million will be allocated to water sanitation stations in Sheikh Zuwayed, as well as renewing 20 water wells in Sheikh Zuwayed for EGP 2 million. This is in addition to a water sanitation station to be built in Rafah at a cost of EGP 80 million.

Another six projects are expected to be launched in Al Hassna Center for EGP 95 million, including a water desalination station and four new wells to be dug in area of Al Gharqada, and others in Wadi Al Amr, stated Mamdoun Raslan, CEO of the HCWW.