A total of 19,696 contracts for social housing units have been handed over to recipients of the units in the Sharqiya governorate and 10th of Ramadan City, according to a statement by Mostafa Madbouly, the Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities.

A total of 18,180 social housing units have been completed in 10th of Ramadan City, while another 20,320 units are under construction. An additional 5,232 units are in planning in the city.

Meanwhile, in Sharqiya, 1,516 units have been completed, while 212 others are underway. Another 1,216 units are set to be offered in a tender for execution.

The housing ministry is currently working on providing more than 500,000 units, with 190,000 units completed and an the remainder scheduled for completion by June 2017.

Several water projects are also underway in Sharqiya, as well as sewage projects in several villages.