Three tenders were held for operating, maintaining, and securing lighting networks in Shorouk and New Akhmim cities in a public offering for the companies registered in the Egyptian Federation of Construction & Building Contractors (EFCBC), reported Invest Gate.

The first tender in Shorouk City will be for operating, maintaining, and securing the street lighting network for neighborhoods two to six and the club,  the regional western road across from neighborhoods five and six, and the middle road in front of neighborhoods four and five, with 5,275 street lighting columns, and 1,247 garden lighting columns, said Atef Zakaria, Head of the Shorouk City Development Authority.

The second tender, also in Shorouk City, will be for the operation, maintenance, and security of public lighting network for neighborhoods one, seven, eight, nine, and the city center, as well as the  fifth and sixth and regions. In addition, the tender aims to provide public lighting to the regional western road across districts seven, eight, and nine, with 4,340 public lighting columns and 1,110  garden lighting columns.

The final tender will be in New Akmim City for farming and forestation throughout the northern entrance to the west, for companies registered in EFCBC.