The Fayoum governorate is preparing five construction tenders to be offered to contractors next month in efforts to implement residential projects worth EGP 300 million, reported Al Borsa.

The tenders are expected to include the construction of three roads on areas ranging from 1.8 to 2.5 kilometers, according to Ali Zein El-Abdin, a representative of the Housing Ministry in Fayoum. Additionally, contractors will be bidding for the development of electricity networks for nine villages within the governorate, constructing 450 social housing units in the centers of Snores, Ebishoy, and Youssef.

The governorate development plan also includes implementing 42 development projects, including real estate, basic foundations, sewage, and public facilities in industrial areas. Additionally, the plan includes enhancing 20 villages at a total cost of EGP 760 million, wherein 10% of work has been finalized, according to Akhbarak.

Approximately 9,000 square meters are being assessed by the governorate to be dedicated for public services, and will be offered to investors in collaboration with the Investment Ministry during this year.