The Egyptian General Authority for Roads, Bridges, and Land Transport is building 55 new bridges on the Regional Ring Road, said Minister of Transport Galal El-Said, reported Amwal Al Ghad.

The bridges will be built on the road that extends from Banha and the Alexandria Desert Road, which is divided into seven sections, according to Alwatan News.

The first section will constitute the Banha Bridge, situated along the Nile River, with an estimated cost of EGP 500 million. The second section will include the 1-kilometer road along the Banha Agriculture Road, with a total cost of EGP 250 million.

For the third and fourth section, 10 more bridges will be established along with an eight-kilometer tunnel for EGP 800 million, and about 15 bridges and a 10-kilometer tunnel will be built for EGP 1 billion.

The fifth section includes 30 bridges and a 17-kilometer tunnel for EGP 1.9 billion. The remaining two sections include building a five-kilometer bridge for EGP 700 million, and 15 kilometer bridge for EGP 600 million.