A number of housing, water, sewage, agriculture, electricity and communications projects have been completed in New Assiut City at a total cost of EGP 3.2 billion, according to Mostafa Madbouly, Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, Al Shorouk reported.

The housing sector was allocated a cost of EGP 1.37 billion, with EGP 208 million for water projects; EGP 211 million for sewage projects; EGP 469 million for infrastructure; EGP 92 million for communications; EGP 465 million for electricity; EGP 18 million for agriculture sector and EGP 387 million in building services.

Around 1008 units in 42 building have been finalized and are ready for delivery, with 7584 units in 316 buildings still under construction.

Public facilities and amenities will also be built on site including four schools; an Azhari Institute; two nurseries; a healthcare unit; police station, and a hospital with a 50 bed capacity located at Assiut University, in addition to five nurseries and a health care unit that are already completed.

Additional amenities also include a sports club, a library, five schools, an ambulance point, postal office, bakery, and mosque.

Infrastructure projects include a 302.5 km network of roads, another road network spread over 55 km, and one that will spread on 12 km; alongside with enhancing and maintaining existing roads; lighting networks in the city has also been developed on the Red Sea road according to Kamal Fahmy Deputy of NUCA for developing cities.

Water projects in the city include the completion of a water network spreading on 355.2 km, and further water plant treatments and water sewage that will be developed and supervised under the National Authority for Drinking Water and Sewage.