The construction of 2,448 units, part of the social housing program in New Assiut, has been finalized; once delivered, construction companies assigned the project will begin constructing additional 5,136 units within the second phase of the program, over an area of 266 acres, in the south-eastern expansions in the city, Ahmed Omran, Head of Assiut Development Authority, told Invest Gate.

“We have finished the construction of the main facilities: water, sewage, electricity, telephones; and the building has been linked to the main networks: water, sewage, electricity, and telephones. And now we are completing the asphalting in the 266 acre area,” Omran explained.

The authority is now building three nurseries and a school for basic education.  It is also constructing a fire department and five small markets. “We are also working on constructing a youth center, in addition to primary delivering of the commercial market building, and delivering the health unit,” concluded Omran.