The Governorate of New Valley (Al Wadi Al Gedid) started implementing the first phase of its plan to develop its slum areas at costs of  EGP 71 million, reported Al Borsa.

The governorate seeks to develop areas of Old Nowt and Islamic Balatt during the first phase in collaboration with the general project of renovating slums, according to Mahmoud Ashmawy, New Valley Governor,

Plans include the improvement of other areas including Dakhla and Kharga, Paris area, and Farfra; in addition to well as preserving areas of antiquities that are endangered to collapse.

There is also a plan to develop three poor villages within the borders of the governorate, at a cost EGP 40 million to be implemented next year.

Around  EGP 8 million were also dedicated to develop three commercial places located in Al Kharga by the end of 2016.

Al Wadi El Gedid will also launch six land plots measuring 200 feddans in area of Farfra in efforts to develop agriculture and animal productions.