The Arab Contractors and El Eman Construction Companies have won a bid to execute 600 residential units, in the Red Sea governorate, with a cost of EGP 99 million, Al Borsa reported.

The one year project will cover the areas of Hala’ib, Shalateen, and Abu Ramad, providing 200 units in each, in a plan to house the area’s nomads, Head of the Red Sea Development Authority, Hosny Mansour, told Al Borsa, adding that the Arab Contractors will execute 200 units, while El Eman will execute 400 units.

The fund will be allocated from the budget of the fiscal year (FY) 2016/2017, Mansour explained, adding that 25% of the cost will be provided in July 2016.

The authority had completed the construction of 200 units, out of a total 376 units, for the purpose of housing nomads in 8 areas, which are Marsa Alam, Hala’ib, and Shalateen, with a cost of EGP 47.1 million. The units are mainly built according to the Bedouin-style, in exchange for symbolic prices.

The Red Sea Development Authority allocated EGP 414.6 million for the new fiscal year, EGP 264.2 million of which are for housing projects, and EGP 89.9 million are for road projects in Marsa Alam, Hala’ib, and Shalateen.