Several buyers have not asked to retrieve their payments for their property during the past period, reflecting that buyers continue to demonstrate an interest in purchasing real estate despite economic challenges, according Al Mal.

Citing a number of real estate companies, “buyers’ persistence on purchasing is attributable to the hardship faced when finding an alternative with the same price should they give up their purchase of a certain unit,” asserted Chairman of Capital Group for Real Estate Development Amgad Hassanein.

If buyers decide to give up their purchasing power in the real estate market, companies will reprice the units and offer them at prices matching current market conditions, achieving double the companies’ revenues.

Other buyers may consider re-selling their properties following a complete purchase. However, buyers are unlikely to ever give up units purchased at prices, established two years ago, given expected higher returns currently, Chairman of B2B for Real Estate Marketing Nehad Adel expects.

A buyer choosing to receive a reimbursement for a formerly purchased unit will be obliged to pay a certain amount, starting from 5% to 20% of the unit’s total price as stated in the contract. The buyer may also be obliged to pay an additional fee, set by the company, as developers suffer from lack of capital and insufficient vision of reselling units in the near future due to declining real estate demand.