Prime Minister Sherif Ismail issues a decree forming a committee coordinating between all Egyptian museums, Invest-Gate reports.

This coordination would happen in terms of a unified policy, putting the museums’ managements in order and magnifying their role in serving civil society, according to a statement.

The committee would classify museums scientifically and accurately, formulate a vision and a clear message for each museum to determine its identity, and develop a plan to reopen museums that have been closed. The committee will also develop the necessary policies for the development of display in museums to keep up with pace using the latest methods, as well as the maintenance and restoration of museum collections. It will also provide work training courses for museum curators.

Additionally, the decree states that the head of the museums sector in the Ministry of Antiquities would become the committee chairman. The committee’s meeting would take place trimonthly and the chairman would be responsible of lifting the meetings’ findings and recommendations to the Ministry of Antiquities; they would then be flagged to the the Prime Minister.