The Cairo governorate is forming a committee to start activating the role of environmental monitoring units in neighborhoods and to study the problems they face, exempting them from perfectly carrying out their duties, Invest-Gate reports.

The committee will bring together heads of the central departments of ICT, control, surveillance, labor affairs, a representative from the General Authority for Cleanliness and Beautification of Cairo, along with a number of specialists.

They will monitor the cleaning companies carrying out their work in each of the assigned territories, reporting violations and observations firsthand while financially and morally supporting workers, providing them with the training required to abide by the system through modern electronic means.

“The governorate is seeking to access a system to record violations, identify their location on maps through GPS systems and to inform companies who will be contracted immediately in order to avoid such violations as soon as possible,” Cairo Governor Atef Abdel-Hameed points out.

Moreover, the governorate is studying the installation of a mobile application to provide citizens with the possibility of sending their complaints about hygiene, Abdel-Hameed added.