The Cairo governorate will create plans making use of 300,000 square meters worth of retrieved lands, an area developed in collaboration with the General Managing Authority for Urban Development, Invest-Gate reports.

The authority consists of real estate experts, property manager, and urban planners.It will decide on how the lands should be used, be it for residential, commercial or green areas, said Cairo Governorate Spokesman Khaled Mostafa.

“We decided to use part of the lands to build a youth center and another for a school. These were the confirmed construction plans Cairo will commence, while the other lands are still being studied for other types of developments,” Mostafa stated.

The lands retrieved are located in Helwan, Maadi, Al Basateen, and Al Kattemya, he added.

The land value is over EGP 4 bn and the governorate also aims to retrieve around 3.6 million square meters of lands that “are being misused in several neighborhoods in Cairo,” Atef Abdel Hamid previously stated.