Cairo to Renovate Existing Properties across Old Neighborhoods

Monday, 27th February 2017

Governor of Cairo Atef Abdel Hamid urged local authorities and neighborhood representatives to create a committee conducting a maintenance project for existing properties across Cairo in Azbkeya and other neighborhoods west of Cairo including historical buildings, Invest-Gate reports.

The committee will also be responsible for cooperating with local authorities and neighborhood representatives to negotiate ideas that will further develop and enhance these districts.

One of the areas included in Cairo’s development plan is the Khedive area, which includes historical buildings currently being renovated alongside its streets, inner roads, lighting system, and greenery.

Additionally, the project will enhance the Bab El Louk area and renovate Falaki Square through cooperation with contractors and the National Committee to Reserve Cairo’s Heritage.

Other development projects taking place in Cairo include renovating the second phase of the Nile Corniche extending from 15th of May bridge to 6th of October Bridge, according to a statement released by Cairo governorate.


  • What about all the abandoned buildings.
    so many buildings with noone living in. office blocks with 1 or two offices occupied.
    what about all the abandoned cars on the road in Zamalek?
    couldnt these cars be sold and the funds used for upgrades?
    could the empty apartments not be rented out and the funds used to augment tax revenue?
    so much waist in Cairo

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