The state-run Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) is starting tocount residential buildings in North Sinai, a first-phase operation which will last until May 26, MENA reports.

“This phase aims to count the buildings in the small towns of Bir al-Abd, Hasana and Nakhl,” says CAPMAS Inspector Mohamed Abdel-Nasser. He adds that a high-level teamwas deployed in all the towns and villages to conduct the census and they were provided with the necessary electronic equipment to complete their work.

Abdel-Nasser also says that the census team is monitored through a main operation room headed by North Sinai Governorate Coordinator Hassan Khalil and a technical support team throughout working hours to resolve any technical problem or malfunction in the devices.

Moreover, North Sinai’s main operation room communicates with workers in the field and receives citizens wishing to register online.