China’s private holding company, Hutchison Ports, is willing to inject more investments into Egypt’s maritime transport projects, multi-purpose stations and logistics centers, Invest-Gate reports.

At a meeting with Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Sahar Nasr, officials from the Chinese companies say that the government welcomes Chinese investments in Egypt, adding that Egypt has promising investment opportunities, especially in the Suez Canal Development Zone.

“The government will also present several projects in all industrial fields for foreign investors in the Suez Canal zone,” Nasr says, adding that the Suez Canal project includes the establishment and upgrade of seven seaports as well as turning Egypt into an international logistical hub for maritime transport.

The company’s officials have commended the Egyptian political leadership and the current government as well as measures recently taken by them to create a suitable investment climate and to remove hurdles for investments.

The Chinese company’s officials also say that they invest in 26 counties and 52 seaports across the world, including a project now being carried out in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Transport and the Alexandria Port Authority.