As Cityscape gears up to launch in March 2017, the annual regional real estate conference emphasizes Egypt’s role in reforming its economy through its real estate market,  Daily News Egypt.

In its statement, Cityscape stated that Egypt seeks to build a strong investment climate and economic reform in 2017 following the recent economic changes, according to the article.

It is believed that the flotation of the pound along with the IMF loan will pave the way for foreign investments and create a suitable climate. The government expects a hard economic year in 2017 but aims to establish an attractive environment for foreign investments, which have gradually increased in 2015- 2016, reaching approximately $ 6.84 bn compared to $ 6.38 bn of the previous year.

Cityscape Egypt is planning a Business Breakfast on 17th of January to discuss core issues in the real estate sector, updates on mega projects, progress of projects, usage of smart and sustainable projects, results of the construction of mega projects, and reforms that may boost the country’s real estate sector.