The Housing Authority in Sharqiya has withdrawn 65 buildings in the second phase of a social housing program from Majd Contracting Company due to poor construction work, for failing to comply with agreed upon quality standards, and for completing only 20% of the total project, according to Mohamed Abdulfattah, Chief of the Housing Authority, Al Borsa reported on Saturday.

The contractor had won the bid for the project in 2015, and had been warned repeatedly since then by the governorate over construction delays. The project will be handed over to another contractor next month and Majd will be obliged to pay a fine that will be set by the governorate.

The Sharqiya Housing Authority has rejected 1,200 units that are part of the second phase of the social housing program from four different contractors, as their quality failed to meet the contractually stipulated standards.

Further, the delivery of another 950 residential units in areas of Al Husseinya and Mashtol and Belbeis was postponed due to poor quality, after they had been set to be delivered among 3,600 units in the second phase of the social housing program.