Owners of the social housing units in Dashour, 6th of October City are protesting against high interests on the required maintenance deposit, reported Daily News Egypt.

The banks refuse to deliver the units unless the owner pays off the maintenance deposit, which amounts to EGP 6,750 if paid upfront or EGP 12,000 after interest according to the 20-year installment option.

The owners had protested early in August in front of the Technical Office for the Engineering Authority in the Dashour area, citing defects in the finishing of the units,  Al Borsa News reported.

The owners cited defects such as poor plumbing, cracked walls and ceramic floors, as well as poor paint in the finished units among many others.

The owners are set to demonstrate in front of the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) or 6th of October City Council against the lack of services in the areas.  Lighting, sanitation, means of transportation, natural gas infrastructure, and landline connections to the units are some of the issues the owners have cited.