Tenders will be offered to the Egyptian Federation for Construction & Building Contractors (FCBC) members, to develop different infrastructure projects within the social housing project at New Borg El Arab City, according to Head of the City’s Authority Ahmed El Desouky, reported Al Mal.

The construction works will include developing inner roads in Borg El Arab City and electricity networks in Sadat City, according to Head of Sadat City’s Authority Mohamed Abdelrahman.

Additionally,15th of May City will also see some development, “including electricity networks along with some maintenance work and safeguarding greeneries in the third phase of the city,” Tamam Gerguis, head of 15th of May City Authority, told Al Mal.

Among the development proposals is Badr City with construction works worth a total of EGP 1.8 bn, including a basic foundation for its social housing neighborhoods and units for lower- and middle-income citizens, according to Al Borsa.

The City Authority has requested a budget increase of an additional EGP 200 mn to its original EGP 2 bn from the Ministry of Planning in efforts to receive to finalize its entire social housing project and deliver it as scheduled by end of 2017, according to Head of the City’s Authority Mostafa Fahmy.EE