The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and Canada-based developer Brookfield have agreed on arbitration in the DIFC Courts over disputes that occurred earlier regarded purported defects in the construction of the Gate building, reported The National.

DIFC Courts granted a consent order as part of the agreement this month, which stipulates that a legal confrontation between the two parties will take place. The order also includes that any arbitration should be governed in accordance with DIFC and the London Court of International Arbitration rules.

DIFC has previously took legal action in non-DIFC courts in the jurisdiction of the emirate of Dubai, amid the collapse of marble that fell from the edifice. DIFC sought the appointment of an expert to inspect and report results on the conditions of the gate.

The company resorted to the non-DIFC courts because the gate existed in 2003 long before DIFC became a legal jurisdiction.
DIFC has previously claimed that Brookfield is responsible for the irregularities in technical and engineering works that resulted in great damage to the building and putting the lives and wellbeing of workers and visitors at risk.