Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is taking legal action against Canadian developer Brookfield due to flaws in the structure of Gate Building, built in 2003,  Arabian News reported.

Part of the Gate Building, a public arch shown on the entrance to DIFC property, in Dubai has been shut down because of a marble slab that fell from the building in October.

DIFC filed a case against the developer following the incident in Dubai courts, stating it put the lives of workers and visitors at risk.

The case continued to state that the marble fell due flaws in the works of Brookfield, describing the developer as having “committed irregularities in technical and engineering works,” according to The National.

An investigation however occurred, stating that real reasons for the damage were caused by common “defective workmanship”.

The investigation came at the behest of the Canadian developer’s UAE subsidiary, to prevent DIFC from escalating action in Dubai courts, as they claimed that the legal action was in breach of articles that existed in the building contract.