The Dubai Land Department (DLD) is working on a new law to simplify ways to settle rental disputes between landlords and tenants, reported Arabian Business on Sunday, quoting a DLD official.

“When there is a dispute between a landlord and tenant, it takes quite some time as there are certain gaps in the existing law,” said Mohammed Ahmed Yahya, deputy CEO at the Rental Affairs Sector of the DLD. He also claimed the new law would work toward closing that gap and make things simpler.

There is, however, no timeframe for the new law that would seek to replace regulations stemming from 2007 and 2008. Currently, parties must resort to the Rental Dispute Settlement Centre in case of a disagreement, with the claimant needing to 3.5% of the annual rent there to open the case.

Yahya also stated that the 2013 law that governs rent increases will not be changed while also announcing a publicity campaign to educate landlords and tenants about their respective rights.