Dubai Municipality has managed to start regulating frameworks to use 3D printing in construction, Middle East Construction News reported.

The initiative is meant to start a series of codes when it comes to the use of 3D printing in construction, following indications of a heightened use of the technology.

A quarter of buildings in the emirate are expected to resort to 3D-printed elements by 2013, which prompted the launch of the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy.

The technology is due to reduce construction time and minimize wasting building materials, while reducing the number of construction labourers so they can be deployed to other projects, Deputy Director-General of Dubai Municipality and Chairman of Application System of the Construction of Three-Dimensional Printing Technology, Essa Al Maidoor said, The National reported quoting the UAE State News Agency (WAM).

Dubai has the world’s first 3D-printed office which was printed over the course of 17 days and installed within 2 days. The office opened last May.