Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced it expects to open two lanes of Jumeirah Bridge in July, as part of the Dubai Water Canal project’s second phase, The National reported.

The two lanes will be coming from Jumeirah 2 in the north, heading towards Jumeirah 3 in the south on July 15th, while all lanes will be fully operational in both directions on July 21st, the RTA said.
“Opening the Jumeirah Bridge means that RTA has finally accomplished all works in bridges crossing the Dubai Water Canal,”  the RTA Director General, Mattar Al Tayer said.

“Works would now focus on digging a sector of the canal underneath the bridges, building quay walls of the canal, constructing three footbridges linking the two shores of the canal at prime locations, and building 10 marine transport stations,” Al Tayer added, according to Construction Week Online.

Al Wasl Bridge opened for traffic fully, on July 3rd. Also, a portion of the bridge, a ramp feeding traffic from Jumeirah and Al Athar Road to Hadiqa Street had opened in March, while another ramp linking Al Wasl Street to Al Athar Street opened in June.

Additionally,  earlier this month, RTA opened the southern bridge on the Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi as part of  the Dubai Water Canal project’s first phase.