A consultancy office is currently finalizing development plans on East Port Said running on 164,400 acres across the Mediterranean coastline, Invest-Gate reports.

The plan aims to include around one million citizens, thereby decreasing overpopulation in the governorate and supporting Suez Canal corridor. The developments will also connect the Suez Canal’s east and west banks.

Several national, touristic, and economic projects will also be developed, such as constructing a water treatment plant, resorts and hotels, a medical city, an office center, a university, an international research center, a conference center, exhibitions, and social clubs.

Approximately 202 acres will be the premises of a social housing project with 418 residential buildings encompassing 8,400 residential units. 247 units will be developed by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, surrounded by amenities such as schools, medical units, a police unit, a cultural center, green parks, mosque and churches, commercial units, and post offices.

The city has begun the construction of school spreading on 13,4000 square meters and a 580 square meter police checkpoint, as well as a commercial center due for completion end of this year.