Egypt invested EGP 22.5 bn on roads and bridges between 2014 and 2017, Invest-Gate reports.

These investments include 10 new roads worth EGP 12.8 bn as part of the National Roads Project as well as the further development of 2000 kilometers of existent roads at a cost of EGP 5.7 bn, according to a Transportation Ministry statement.

These projects come in addition to the construction of four interchange hubs over the Nile at a cost of EGP 1.9 bn. A total of EGP 2.1 bn were also invested on the building of a number of bridges, including bridges along the Desert Road and the Cairo-Suez Road.

Meanwhile, Egypt is currently spending EGP 32.9 bn on further transportation infrastructure projects, including EGP 16 bn on eight roads under the National Roads Project (NRP).

Ongoing projects also include 2500 kilometers of existent roads network currently being upgraded at a cost of EGP 7 bn, eight interchange hubs worth EGP 8.5 bn, and 10 bridges that are being built worth EGP 1.4 bn.

The Transport Ministry is now working on the third phase of the NRP, having lain a total of 896 kilometers during the project.