Members of cabinet met with Prime Minister Sherif Ismail to discuss the “One Million & A Half Acres of Land” project, the ability to increase local production, and to followup on strategies to enhance production of companies in the public sector, Invest-Gate reports.

Minister of Irrigation & Water Resources Mohamed Abdel Aty reveals ‘One Million & A Half Acres of Land’ project plans to use these lands for agricultural purposes, confirming the presence of sustainable groundwater reservoir, according to the cabinet’s released statement.

Further plans include the recycling of rural sanitation wastes to be used for land irrigation, using solar energy to operate groundwater wells, and carrying out poultry projects on the lands.

The Ministry of Military Production is to take part in the project’s execution, including the development of greenhouses, digging groundwater wells, developing irrigation methods, developing construction and building materials, producing machinery and industrial equipment, and developing water treatment plant projects.