The New Urban Communities Authority has announced a plan to reduce traffic congestion in New Cairo, as well as connect Cairo’s new administrative capital to the main city. The plan includes the digging of two tunnels, and the development of roads and squares, at a cost of EGP 400 million, Vice President of the New Urban Communities Authority, Kamal Fahmi told Invest Gate.

Currently, there are three major projects, with a total cost of EGP 110 million, that are designed to facilitate the transition between both ends of New Cairo. These projects include the construction of a tunnel at the intersection of South 90 Road to facilitate access to the investment zone, as well as banks in the center of the city. Another project will link the South 90 Road with the North 90 Road, in addition to the establishment of a multi-storey garage, explained Alaa Abdulaziz, Chairman of the New Cairo City Development Authority.

“We are also constructing a bridge to connect Mohammed Najib Road from the South 90 to the North 90 Roads; in addition to a tunnel along the South 90 Road in order to facilitate access to the new administrative capital, as well as to the expansion project of the South 90 Road, in order to resolve traffic densities in the city, at a cost of EGP 160 million,” added Abdulaziz. “We are now working to raise the efficiency of the squares and intersections on the axis of Gamal Abdel Nasser and other areas of the city, at a cost of EGP 130 million.” All three projects are expected to be finalized in 2016.