The Egyptian-Turkish Businessmen Association (ETBA) held a forum on February 18 to discuss potential for bilateral economic, commercial, and investment collaboration, Invest-Gate reports.

“The forum will witness extensive presence of Turkish and Egyptian businessmen and investors from ETBA, reaching up to about 50 businessmen from both sides, specialized in various fields to identify the aspects of trade and investment cooperations between them,” said ETBA Chairman Atilla Ataseven in a press release.

Ataseven also noted that Turkey’s total planned investments in Egypt in the next phase is worth of USD 5 bn. These investments range from energy, mining, health, and education, to engineering, chemical and textile industrial areas.

The trade exchange between Egypt and Turkey totaled USD 4.1 bn in 2016, USD 2.7 bn of which is dedicated to Egypt’s imports from Turkey, and USD 1.4 bn to exports.