President Abdel Fattah El Sisi inaugurates major infrastructure developments in Port Said governorate, including  Egypt’s first floating bridge, El Nasr Bridge, today, Invest-gate reports.

Located in Raswa area and over the Suez Canal, El Nasr Bridge is to connect Port Said City to Port Fouad City. The 421- meters- long- bridge aims to reduce traffic congestion caused by freight vehicles.

“ The new tunnels and bridge will link the east of Port Said to its west and also to its Industrial district,” President Sisi says. He also announces plans to add yet another industrial area, encouraging more employment for youth.

“The EGP 100- mn- bridge encompases 15 tons of freights, when divided on both ways, and up to 70 tons one way,” Mohamed Khaled head of the Arsenal Authority at Suez Canal Authority says.

The bridge is built with 2500 tons of steel and is anticipated to save time with vehicles passing from one side to the other in a four minutes. In addition to time, cargo cars are also expected to save on money by reducing the amount of fuel needed in transportation. Khaled states, “The bridge aims to carry 1,200 trucks.”

As for cargo ships, around 10 ferryboats carrying 320 tons of shipments can are also able to pass through the bridge.

El Nasr bridge was constructed on a- nine- month period and guaranteed for eight years. “Following maintenances and tests, the duration can be renewed as it is believed to be have last from 25 to 40 years,” Khaled adds.