Dubai-based Emaar Properties has recently chosen Aurecon Group as the engineer/architect-of-record to work with a range of features for The Tower, which is expected to be taller than Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, Aurecon Group stated on their website.

The AED 3.67 billion tower, the focal point of a new development in the Dubai Creek Harbour area, is being designed by renowned architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava.

“The Calatrava team were looking to work directly with our experts who have had hands-on project experience on other super tall and similar mega projects. Not only were they assured of such a working arrangement, they were further impressed by our open, flexible and collaborative approach,” Aurecon’s Project Director for The Tower, Adrian Jones said.

“The Tower will test the craftsmanship of Aurecon as we play our part in making a mark on the built fabric of mankind,” Jones said. “It is an absolute privilege to be entrusted by Santiago Calatrava and Emaar Properties to work on this project, and we have assembled a stellar team to bring this idea to life,” he added.

The area will be twice as big as Downtown Dubai, with a footprint of 2,965 acres, compared to the 1,236 acresof Downtown Dubai. It is also expected to include 679 million square meters of residential space, 851,000 square meters of commercial property, 22 hotels with 4,400 rooms and 11.16 million square meters of retail. By comparison, Emaar Properties said in April, according to The National.