Energy leaks, and faulty plumbing and construction in older buildings have driven bills up for residents in Abu Dhabi, reported The National.

In areas such as Zafarana near the Eastern Mangroves, one resident noticed an increase in energy bills as the monthly water and power bill averaged at more than AED 2000 and increased last year to reach AED 43,410.

The problem was taken to the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company and the Regulation and Supervision Bureau, who concluded that the problems come from faulty contracting.

Other things that affect a  an increase in bills is the construction of the buildings. Some residents were quoted by The National as saying that if one doesn’t have an air-tight frame power, the bill will increase by 10%, and also not having proper waterproofing will add another 10%.

The same resident also stated that buildings in UAE have less than a 50 years life span because of using cheap materials and poor construction practices.

The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) is responsible for urban development, as they create master plans, policies and regulations for new buildings.

Aysha Abu Shahab a former UPC employee has stated that a building maybe termed leaky if air, dust, and moisture from outside leaks in to the house due to poor workmanship.