A new law is currently being drafted and discussed at Parliament to protect and maintain water regulatory services for citizens across the country, denying rumors of it being privatized, the Egyptian Regulatory Agency announced.

The Egyptian Water Regulatory Agency (EWRA) and Consumer Protection Services stated that the primary purpose of the new law is to ensure that citizens get the best services according to the worldwide health and environmental standards.

The agency confirms that the main purpose of drafting such a law is to ensure the quality of drinking water and the sanitation services as well, including the desalination of seawater and all other renewable water resources.

While the law is still under discussion at parliament Executive Director of EWRA Dr. Mohamed Hassan stated, “The newly drafted law does not allow for privatization of drinking water.”

Furthermore, the law aims to attract the private sector to invest in the field of desalination of seawater and assist in the provision of more additional water quantities other than the current available resources.  

According to the statement, EWRA believes that such sought after standards can not be achieved without the presence of more advanced regulations to end all disputes, and guarantee to protect competition and prevent monopolistic practices.

Investors will be given a period of eight years to adjust their status and quality of service according to the drafted law in order for the country to achieve protecting the rights of consumers and  preventing monopolistic practices.