The Ministry of Housing announced that all trespasses residing on the Ismailia Desert Road will be removed, reported Invest Gate.

The Obour City Development Authority is launching an extensive campaign in collaboration with the paratroopers and reconstruction police, to remove all trespasses and violations on the Ismailia Desert Road and the Regional Road. So far, a 300 meter high wall, and three  buildings that violated the building code have been demolished, Amin Ghoneim, Head of the Authority, announced.

Ghoneim reaffirmed that the city will continue to cooperate with authorities to remove any trespasses or irregularities by enforcing the law, and will preserve the aesthetics of the city.

Additionally, other service projects are being considered, Ghoneim remarked. The projects will enhance overall services in the affordable housing city project, Dar Misr, plus providing taxicab stands and a regional bus station.