Giza launches a new project called “Mashrouk” or “Your Project”, which includes an overall of 1106 development projects, 359 of which have been approved by the Governor of Giza Mohamed Al Daly at a total cost of EGP 53.5 mn, Invest-Gate reports.

“The projects vary from agriculture, commercial, public service, and industrial,” said Al Daly.

Another 348 projects are currently being studied at a total cost of EGP 190 mn while 330 separate projects have been completed at a total cost of EGP 50 mn, according to a statement released by the governorate.

Giza is currently marketing these projects to attract investors for construction and is preparing to cooperate with several banks and the Ministry of Local Development.

“Your Project” aims to decrease the unemployment rate, enhance living and environment conditions, and develop several projects serving citizens.