The government has pledged to provide alternative housing units for residents of the Maspero area, west of Cairo, announcing that it will receive their requests as of March 25, Invest-Gate reports.

According to a Housing Ministry statement, eight working groups are entrusted with looking into the requests and choosing the places that suit them the most.

“The residents will be welcomed and assisted while choosing alternative housing units that suit them,” says Minister of Housing Mostafa Madbouly.

There are around 4,700 furnished residential units available in Asmarat district on the outskirts of Cairo for all wanting to move there as an alternative, according to Cairo’s Governor Atef Abdel Hameed. The governor adds that there is an alternative of receiving financial compensation.

This comes as part of government plans to develop the Maspero triangle, which encompasses slums on an area of 49 feddans. The plans include housing projects, the establishment of tourist and entertainment venues, administrative buildings, exhibitions, museums, green spaces, pedestrian pathways, and parking spaces.