The government is seeking to draw tourism investments to the country’s New Damietta, a coastal city located north of Egypt, Invest-Gate reports.

The endeavour is part of an integrated strategy now being prepared by the state-run New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) to make use of the coastal location of the city encompassing 10 kilometer on the Mediterranean Sea.

“A major project is now underway on an area of 1,700 feddans,” NUCA’s Development Sector Supervisor Abdel-Motaleb Mamdouh says in a statement. “The project will take advantage of the tourist hubs in New Damietta as well as zones separating buildings and bungalows in the city,” Mamdouh adds.

A group of engineering professors drew up the design plan, according to the New Damietta City Authority, a government-run agency managing projects in the new city.

The City Authority’s Chairman Alaa Manee says that the project is being carried out over three phases. “The design is flexible enough to be divided by phases. That would help reduce costs and ensure the speed and smoothness of implementation,” he adds.

Manee explains that the design was drawn up to guarantee the preservation of the already-existing infrastructure and buildings. “The design also makes sure that all properties close to the beachfront are at a certain height to make sure they don’t block the view of the other buildings,” he says.