A total of 3,547 social housing units have been delivered to citizens in Gharbeya after the signing of contracts, according to Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities Mostafa Madbouly.

The units are allocated across several areas, including 1,238 units in Kafr Al Zayat, 865 units in Mahalla, 552 units in Tanta, 500 units in Bebsion, 180 units in Zefta, 102 units in Samnod, 80 units in Santa, and 30 units in Kotor.

Moreover, preparations are underway to offer an additional 288 units. All units are three-bedroom apartments that are fully finalized and include water and electricity facilities.

The ministry has also approved a recent proposal that states that citizens applying for social housing may reserve units in the areas they were born in, work in, or reside in, or alternatively apply in surrounding governorates.

The Ministry of Housing will also implement approximately 20,000 social housing units that will be offered for rent as part of the social housing program targeting citizens with monthly incomes of less than EGP 1,500. This is in addition to the 6,000 units that are currently on offer for reservation until November 15.

Madbouly also confirmed that approximately 1,500 water projects are underway, including a water treatment plant, drinking water stations, and sewage projects that are expected to be finalized within the next two years, set to serve 893 villages.