Mostafa Madbouly, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities has approved several projects, including launching two Orthodox churches in Aswan, assigning a land in Fayoum for two schools, building 19 new retail shops in five cities, expanding youth center in Obour city, launching a social community club in 6th of October City, and launching a cultural venue in Badr City, reported Invest-Gate.

The youth center will be expanded, amid minister of youth’s prior request, on a land that measures 14,699 square meters in Obour City to include more sports facilities to serve members of the center.

The conditions of expanding the center includes that the measures of the buildings’ ground floor doesn’t exceed 5% of the total area of  the land and that the building to consist of only the basement, ground floor, and first floor, and the final condition states that the ministry of youth and sports are held responsible to handle the costs of moving the facilities upon the completion of the expansion.

Madbouly additionally agreed to assign a land suitable for building a cultural project in Badr city upon Cultural minister’s request. The project is expected to be built on an area of 5,080 square meters to include a cultural library and venue.

The trade ministry requested the committee’s approval to provide around 19 retail shops in cities of 6th of October that will hold eight shops, Sheikh Zayed that will hold two shops, Badr that will hold four shops, 10th of Ramadan that will hold three shops, and two shops in Obour. The shops will be used to sell products with lower prices to citizens including as well subsidized items.

The ministry of housing also approved providing two land plots, totaling in size 2,960 square meter, for the construction of an orthodox church in New Aswan City, for residence in the area. Approval conditions imply that the government should retrieve the land if the churches were not built in the agreed on period of time.

Another orthodox church will also be built in 15th of May City on an area of 1,915 square meters in the area of social housing community.

In response to the request of the minister of youth and sports, a social club will be built on a land provided by government in 6th of October city on an area of 29,589 square meters, in efforts to serve residents of the area.

Two new schools were approved as well, and are planned to be built in a modern Japanese design in the city of New Fayoum on a land area of around 9183 square meters; another school for high school students is expected to be built in Obour City on the expenses of the Azerbaijan government; as the school will be built on a land area of 4822  square meters.

A land area of 13,552 square meters to also be provided to the City of Bani Suef to build a sports club and a social building.

Two land plots are to be provided in New Qena to build new headquarters for Bank Misr and Al Ahly Bank on land area of 2805 square meters for Bank Misr and 2785 square meter for Al Ahly Bank.

The final project comes after approval of the committee on the Engineers’ syndicate request for land to build a club and facilities for engineers living in New Fayoum City on a land area of 17,925 square meters.