The Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities will offer 25 tenders for seawater desalination plant system  as part of the public-private partnership (PPP) in numerous governorates, namely North and South Sinai, Matrouh and Red Sea, reported Al Borsa News.

The proposed desalination plants are part of the ministry’s plans to meet the water needs for the governorates until 2027.

“More than 30% of the resource  allocations of the National Authority for the current fiscal year, which amounted to 12 billion pounds, has been used to build plants to desalinate sea water,” said Sayed El-Ashry, Chairperson of the National Authority for Water and Sanitation.

There were several plants built over the past fiscal year mainly the 7,500-meter plant in Abo Redes with a daily capacity of 3,000 cubic meters. Another plant was built in Areesh, North Sinai with a daily capacity of 8,000 cubic meter worth EGP 70 million.