Doha-based real estate developer, Ibhar Enterprises Group, has signed a number of deals with international real estate developers during the real estate international exhibition of CityScape Qatar, Invest-Gate reports.

“The company will be showcasing  its real estate projects in the exhibition’s permanent year-long hall, not only during the opening day of the CityScape exhibition which wrapped up in Doha a few days ago,” the company’s CEO Mayser Sedek says. The CityScape Qatar was held in Doha on March 13-15.

The company’s main goal is to attract more expertise, capitals, and set out a future vision that will push for the continuous development of the real estate sector in Qatar and worldwide.

Sedek added that the company is acting as the marketing arm to projects run by different real estate developers in Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Greece, the US, UK and the UAE.

Real estate exhibitions such as CityScape Qatar are contributing to creating many new investment opportunities as well as boosting the domestic tourism in Qatar, the CEO says, adding that most investors do book rooms at hotels during the period of exhibition, which help flourish the whole economy in the city.

Based in Doha, the real estate developer has been operating in both local and international markets for more than 35 years.