Minister of Investment Dalia Khorshid took part in Beltone Financial’s four-day annual investment conference, entitled “Africa-Egypt Now” on January 30, according to a ministry statement.

“If the investment is the future of Egypt, Egypt is the promising future for all serious investors of different nationalities,” Khorshid assured.

In a discussion spanning over two hours with top CEOs, Khorshid answered the questions raised regarding the details and information to aid in making sound investment decisions and drawing future plans.

She went on to review the institutional and legislative measures that the Ministry of Investment is working on to create an attractive environment for both direct and indirect investments. Additionally, she stressed that indirect investment represented in the movement of the stock market reflects market confidence and is an essential complement to direct long-term investments, contributing to the localization of industries, increasing production, and achieving development to help in creating jobs.

“The Egyptian market, with its resources and components, along with the experience of prospective investors from different countries, leads to successful investment projects,” Khorshid concluded.

The conference also brought CEO of the Investment Authority Mohamed Khedr, together with 30 Egyptian and African companies from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, as well as 50 gathering 50 of the largest investment funds, regional and international financial institutions managing assets worth USD 4tn in aggregate.