The Kuwaiti Ministry of Public Housing will contract out KWD 302 million ($1 billion) to a partnership between Italian Contractor Salini Impregilo and Turkey’s Limak Construction for roads and infrastructure works on South Al Mutall City Project, reported ME Construction News.

Hill International, a US project management company, will also be awarded KWD 24 to 27 million ($80 to $90 million) contract to provide project planning to manage the whole city, according to The National.

South Al Mutlaa City will contain about 30,000 homes housing approximately 400,000 people – an investment worth KWD 6 billion ($20 billion).

According to Naser Kraibut, the director of planning at Kuwait’s public authority for housing welfare, there are numerous contract packages that will be up for tenders.

“It has many packages. There are more than 120 schools. We have hundreds of mosques, hundreds of shopping areas inside the neighborhoods. We have health clinics, police stations. We have 30 different types of building in each neighborhood and there are a lot of neighborhoods. Schools alone will cost us KWD 450 million ($1.5 billion),” said Mr Khraibut to the National.

The Government of Kuwait is set to develop 5 major new cities and South Al Mutlaa is the first to be planned. The new projects have full funding commitments and are considered a priority from the Kuwaiti Government.