Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, Moustafa Madbouly, assigned Obour City Authority  officials to enforce control over New Obour City lands, affirming state ownership over them in accordance with presidential decree number 249, for the year 2016, Invest Gate reported.

The presidential decree stipulates that the Armed Forces is the sole owner of six sites within the new city, spread over an area of 13,770 acres, while the remaining 45,145 acres are owned by the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA).

The entire city is divided into agricultural lands over 16,672 acres, under the jurisdiction of the Public Authority for Reconstruction Projects and Agricultural Development, in addition to 16,649 acres of agricultural lands under the NUCA’s jurisdiction, Madbouly added.

Additionally, the Ministry of Housing has taken over the vacant lands of the the new city, and started working on development projects in several sectors, Madbouly pointed out.

Within the housing sector, 580 acres have been allocated to establish 1,135 residential blocks within the social housing scheme, including 27,240 residential units with 90 square meter areas, the Vice-Chairman of the NUCA for Development and Cities Upgrading Sector, Kamal Fahmy said, pointing out that all needed services will be included, such as commercial centers, schools, kindergartens, healthcare centers, and playgrounds.

Additionally, 12,240 residential units are currently being constructed, in addition to 15,000 housing units that are being executed by the Armed Forces, Fahmy added.

A plan that involves 80 acres within the third phase of the middle-income (Dar Misr) housing project is being completed, along with a plan that includes 200 separate lands over an area of 48 acres, and 450 social housing plots over 450 acres, to be offered through the lottery-based system, Fahmy said.

In terms of utilities and infrastructure, plans including water networks, sewerage systems, electricity, gas and telecommunication lines are also being planned, Fahmy added. He further noted that strategic and detailed plans are being laid to make the best use of the city’s location, in no more than 18 months from the issuance of the presidential decree for building the city.

New Obour City is located between the 15th and 25th kilometer of Cairo-Belbeis Desert Road, and between the 26th and 48th kilometer along the Cairo-Ismailia Road, and stretches 18.5 kilometers in depth. The new city lies over an area of 58,914 acres of residential, service, agricultural and recreational areas.