Scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi this December, Maxim Developments joins the Nile Property Expo with its massive investment across many sectors.

Maxim Developments Vice President Amr Mohsen is a visionary, seeking to offer an upscale lifestyle at attractive packages to his clients.  Invest-Gate meets Mohsen to discuss reasons behind Maxim’s participation in Nile Property Expo 2017, featuring the latest updates on Bo Sidi Abdel Rahman.

Maxim Developments, a leading Egyptian property developer, will seize the opportunity and participate in this promising to lure Arab and foreign investments to Egypt generally, and specifically to the real estate market, as well as, market Egypt as one of the best vacation destination. “Devaluation of the Egyptian currency made it easier to enter the international markets and encourage Egyptian expats to invest in Egypt,” Mohsen notes.

Mohsen sees the event as “an opportunity to get an overview of the industry, know your competitors, make new business relationships and contacts, and introduce and sell your products”, he says.

“For Maxim, the expo is a platform of face-to-face interaction and utmost consumer engagements. In other words, your brand and your target audience get an occasion to interact,” Mohsen clarifies.

The expo “will give Maxim this chance of meeting existing and new clients, including those of your competitors, and also have an insight on this market’s needs for the sake of product development,” he notes.

“The exhibition also helps in creating brand proximity. Engaging and appealing exhibition stands will help in attracting target clients and interact with them in a better way. Once they develop a sense of brand closeness, they are automatically connected, and this also helps in understanding target audience and their needs better,” Mohsen adds.

One of Maxim’s major projects is the biggest resort compound on the North Coast, Bo Sidi Abdel Rahman, which comprises Bo Islands; a state of the art Bohemian-designed palaces, villas, and chalets with 12% footprint living in islands surrounded by 18.5 kilometers Crystal Lagoons, and water front units. It also features Bo Sands, which consumes around 17% of the -18,000-acre Bo Sidi Abdel Rahman project, offering 5,500 apartments in different sizes, ranging between 80 and 200 square meters customized for small families.

The Nile Property Expo 2017, in its first edition under the slogan Misr Betaarablek “Egypt is Getting Closer”, will take place from December 14 to 16 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Center (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi. Bringing together top Egyptian real estate developers, the expo aims to market Egypt as a promising destination for investment through showcasing pioneering real estate projects, in addition to helping Egyptian expats have homes upon their return to their homeland; or for their children in the future.