The Housing Directorate of the Menoufia governorate completed 6,636 residential units as part of the social housing project, reported Al Borsa News.

There are 1,080 residential units currently being developed, to bring the total number of social housing units in Menoufia to 7,416.

” The directorate has completed about 85% of the social housing units in various districts of the governorate and is currently being delivered to beneficiaries, ” said Abdel Salam Jab Allah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing in Menoufia.

A total of 834 units were completed in Quesna, 318 units in Menouf,  276 units in Baraka El Sebea, 234 units in Belbajor, 108 units in Alshohada, 90 units in Besers Alayan, and 96 units in Tela Center, said Jab Allah.

In Sadat City, the directorate has completed 82% of the total number of units, where 3,864 units out of 4,800 units were delivered. In Sheben El Kom city, 156 units out of 180 units were delivered, Jab Allah added.